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Group A.

LUIS Hero’s wearable. Nice prototype –┬ápaper segment of figure, casting and aluminum stuff. The presentation form is little awkward. If you make it more like a comic book – thick strokes and colors, it will be effective more. Although some geometric shapes(characters) such as ‘for the future’ are claver and shows your identity but they […]
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11/11/2010 comments

Vanessa: Story line is more concrete and clear. Web-platforms are available. Consider social interaction aspect and how to people are engaged in you scenario. For example, more tangible and clear props and stuff can encourage people to get involved. Tiffany: Visualized by categories. But more specific and smart finding methods are needed because there will […]
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Interactive LED table

Considering usage of LEDs. * To Luis there are some wearable toys and electronics.
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