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The search for the perfect game controller

For Luke, my hardcore gaming roomate passed me this link when I told him about your thesis. Lots of cool resources on merging computer and console interfaces, and bizarre looking vintage game controllers.
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Hacking, privacy , file sharing

About 5 minutes ago, Boing Boing tweeted about this article which discusses an application called CloudApp, and a subsequently created site revolved around exploiting the app. CloudApp is apparently a lightweight file sharing application developed for the Mac that uploads files and generates shortened URLs for files that users can share with whomever. Crazy gibson-hacking […]
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“feelSpace” – haptic navigation

Currently a student research project being conducted at Osnabrück University’s Institute of Cognitive Science, “feelSpace” is a haptic mobile device designed to provide users with an artificial sense of navigation. via CAN
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My little piece of privacy

Awesome computer vision project which elegantly (and algorithmically) creates private space.
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Artificial Smile – Stefan Stubbe and Andreas Schmelas

This camera can make you 🙂 even if you’re :(ing.
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Helge Fisher – Display of Affection

In this project, Fisher explores paranoia and virtualized emotion through an interface that allows users to caress strangers from a distance. Display of Affection from Helge Fischer on Vimeo.
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(Written Images (dot) (net))

Written Images is a generatively published collection of generative art and design.
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Google Maps – Maps

Google Maps, minus the map, so cool! I like zooming deep into foreign cities and finding compositions that are reminiscent of late 90’s net-art. http://www.só
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