PARC :: An Amazing Research & Development Iniative

PARC is an initiative funded//in collaboration with XEROX that develops state of the art technologies in the fields of Web Tools, Physical MetaMaterials, and other super cool new tech.  From what I gather, they research and deploy tools that are way ahead of anyone else in terms of executing things being considered and developed across the Tech industry.

I think Kiffet is my favorite.  It’s like an slash RSS feed slash link aggregator. It has links to totally obscure resources, though…ones that I would have never found otherwise.


To help increase reader engagement and differentiate content, PARC’s “Kiffets” Social Indexing Engine enables news companies to curate Long Tail web content cost-effectively.


a social-tag based cross between a search engine and a recommendation engine for exploring topics quickly and efficiently on the web

WHAT: an experimental discovery engine for exploring topics quickly and efficiently on the web, it’s a cross between a search engine and a recommendation engine constructed from social tagging data

Parallel Grammar Project (ParGram)

producing wide coverage grammars for a variety of languages


pixel-level labeling of document image content for providing large-scale groundtruth data for document image recognition programs


an easy-to-use image editing tool for manipulating meaningful image objects in scanned documents or screenshots


a visualization tool for providing social transparency and dynamics for Wikipedia


By considering content sources, user topic interest models, and social networks, this web-based recommendation tool directs users to content of interest within their information streams to help relieve information overload.

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