Group A.

Hero’s wearable. Nice prototype –┬ápaper segment of figure, casting and aluminum stuff.
The presentation form is little awkward. If you make it more like a comic book – thick strokes and colors, it will be effective more. Although some geometric shapes(characters) such as ‘for the future’ are claver and shows your identity but they are not clear yet.

Separated audio and visual – collective and retrospective project. From personal interesting to project appealing is going smoothly. Cool video but it’s going to be more personal rather than using universal chronology footage.

Weird illustration at the first slide; just speaking balloons work well with your concept. Because we are live in On-line environment, it has a value to do. However, the project is so random in terms of target viewers and a goal. It needs to be considerable in terms of safety and privacy.

In terms of presentation format, need more refine.

Nice Prototyping. Simple presentation.

Effective precedences and shows progress of her project such as color separations and re-categorized entire project.

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