11/11/2010 comments

Vanessa: Story line is more concrete and clear. Web-platforms are available. Consider social interaction aspect and how to people are engaged in you scenario. For example, more tangible and clear props and stuff can encourage people to get involved.

Tiffany: Visualized by categories. But more specific and smart finding methods are needed because there will be a lot of information. Also, just using the colors as a categories will be limited.

Luke: Sparkfun.com is a nice web-site:) You can make a longer panel as well. Extruded controller(joy stick) is better because of the difference from the touch screen. Pushing is the reason for a button is used.

V: Too much information and sources.  You need to experience with those and it will take a long time. But it seems you are good at creating mechanical products.

Noelis: This video looks memories of gone-people. To be more effective yours, develop the intro scene visually although the second scene that a person are crossed out is nice.

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Hacking, privacy , file sharing

About 5 minutes ago, Boing Boing tweeted about this article which discusses an application called CloudApp, and a subsequently created site revolved around exploiting the app. CloudApp is apparently a lightweight file sharing application developed for the Mac that uploads files and generates shortened URLs for files that users can share with whomever. Crazy gibson-hacking cyber-cowboys (a select number internet users) realized that by shifting around hashed letters in a shortened URL, they could view the content of other members files. This resulted in the creation of CloudApp Roulette, a Chat Roulette style website that randomly shows private photos stored by CloudApp members.

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Solderin’ Skaters

This is a project that allows real world actions to effects the outcome of a video game on the Nokia n900 phone.


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“feelSpace” – haptic navigation

Currently a student research project being conducted at Osnabrück University’s Institute of Cognitive Science, “feelSpace” is a haptic mobile device designed to provide users with an artificial sense of navigation.

via CAN

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Steve Jobs Aqua Interface Portrait

love the “net art” work of johannes p. osterhoff

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Youtube commercial for Tipp-Ex.

Interesting and fun commercial that messes with the Youtube interface.

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animation about Timothy Gray who wants to be just like Tim Burton when he grows up.

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Can’t find your phone?

just hit over 500,000 users –

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Online Communities


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